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Energy save

Flushing valve three inch create powerful flushing, at the same time meet less than six liters save water environment standard, ensure powerful flushing performance by advanced technology, save water, the name matches the reality.


Soft close cover

Avoid the noise caused by cover descent suddenly, must to use the toilet softly, but dooas soft close cover install a special device inside, ensure the cover down softly, and make you use it quietly.


Antibacterial and clean glaze

As the solution, dooa antibacterial and clean glaze toilet use innovative develop glaze technology which using plenty of nanometer material make the glaze exquisite and not easy to hang the waste, clean effect can still keep smooth, glossy and clean easily even if use long time.


Inimitable siphon jet technology

dooa inimitable siphon jet technology reform the flushing system of toilet, increase the diameter of flushing valve, enhance volume and power of flush water, flushing waste easily, ensure powerful flushing effect by advanced technology.

Inimitable piping design

Inimitable big piping design can reduce resistance, make flushing smooth, change completely flushing way ago, piping hidden for clean easily.


Porcelain state, lower water absorption

Water absorption is the key measure for baking degree. High water absorption shows bake not enough, roughcast drink easily, get to inflate aftertime, make the glaze split. Our products water absorption less than 0.5%, will not split by drink.

Hard highly, resist split better

Resist split is the important index for ceramic product to against cold and hot suddenly. Often find the ceramic products appear split due to capability of resist split not enough.

Reason: thermal expansion coefficient of roughcast is different with the glaze, during the cooling process the glaze shrink bigger than roughcast, the roughcast get the press, and the glaze get the tensile force, to a certain extent will happen split. Because products calcine not enough, high water absorption, roughcast badly combines with glaze these results in expansion to produce split.

Use the Germany advanced equipment and calcine technology, the performance more stabilization.

High abrasion resistance

The glaze adds special mineral material, produce the strong gene in 1250 centigrade, abrasion resistance more high.

Environmental digital-clean glaze technology

Digital-clean technology form more smooth and no interstice at the surface of ceramic product, thoroughly eliminate the possibility of hang dirt and grow bacteria, ultra smooth surface and succinct structure design, make clean so easy, only wash gently, all clean: at the same time, the unique digital-clean technology make products bright and anti-bacteria forever.

Glaze in pipe

Place glaze in pipe of vacuum and static, flush waste more smooth, clean thoroughly.

Big diameter of waste pipe

We use diameter 55 mm waste pipe, more exceed diameter 41mm waste pipe of nation standard, flush waste more powerful, not jam forever. 

Increase the height to the depth of  water-blockage

Prevent smell from reek, the ability of block smell stronger.

Large area of water-blockage

The waste fall within the area of water blockage by the large area, not easy to spatter, and wash surface easily!

Not spatter design

Trap store low-level water, not spatter design

Save water button 3/6 liters

Save water system commit to drive save water project, cherish environment and resource save.

Ergonomics design

Use body, physiological, psychological measure ways and methods, through analysis the data of body structure, scale and action and so on, make the shape of toilet beauty, clean easily, more comfortable.

Soft close and no noise

Cover use soft-close design, children use safely. Our products WDI soft-close part also can work after 100,000 times close-open by destructive test. 


Stated water flush out the waste and clean toilet

2Water blockage

Toilet store the water inside, prevent smell by block the pipe

3Water blockage get back

The depth of water back to the block level after flush

4The area of water blockage

The area of water blockage

5Replace sewerage capability

When toilet flushing, the capability of exchange waste (dilution rate)

6Wash capability

When toilet washing, clean the capability of stated area

7The capability of Let solid

Place solid according to the rule, the capability of make solid out

8Prevent bespatter

When toilet flushing, prevent bespatter

9Carry capability

Toilet carries stated weight

Many flushing methods


Use the flush power directly, push waste out. Always design steep clean-surface to make push waste out easily, and design small area of water blockage to make flush process meet little resistance.

A advantage: flush powerful, fast, save water, molding easily and high rate of finished product

Bdisadvantage: big noise, small area of water blockage and waste easily fall in no-water region.

2Ordinary siphon style

Water which gather at the front of pipe form strong water-flow, full rapidly in top and under waste pipe, make siphon effect, and flush waste out.

General the siphon pipeline is longer than wash-down pipeline, less than siphon jet and siphon eddy.

 Aadvantage, few pipeline link, can mold it one time, more save water, flushing capability better than siphon eddy.

Bdisadvantage, big noise, siphon effect less than other siphon style.

3siphon jet style

After water full in the toilet trap, form certain pressure, make siphon effect: at the same time parts of water in the tank spurt out through spout, push it into pipe rapidly, make siphon effect, and flush waste out post.

Aadvantage, lower noise, prevent smell and spatter, best flushing capability

Bdisadvantage, manufacture hardly.

4siphon eddy

Clean-surface one-side outlet pushes water out along outlets tangent, drive the water which store in the clean-surface, form eddy, make water potential difference between clean-surface water level and outlet water level, produce siphon effect to flush waste out. Make water around eddy produce strong centripetal force, and make large flotage dirt also can be engulfed eddy rapidly, away by formation of siphon.

A advantage, no noise

Bdisadvantage, manufacture hardly, more water

Increase surface area of water blockage, prevent spatter effectively.

1the height dirt fall into the toilet

According to the physical formula: gravitational potential energy EP=MGH
We know, the height more high, the EP bigger, the speed of water go into more fast, spatter more hard.  Experimental results show, when the height is 120 mm to 140 mm, the rate of spatter is small.


2surface area of water blockage

According to the law of conservation of energy, when dirt fall into water, the EP transfer into water body, after it over the energy which water body carry, the overtop part of energy lead spatter.
So the same height, the bigger surface area of water blockage, carry energy more big, spatter more hard.
At the same time, when the area is bigger, dirt fall within water area, clean easily.

Thermoplastic cover

The material of cover use thermoplastic, high shine and rigidity, its not easy to scald, depigment and scratch.

Ceramic feeling

The cover of ceramic feeling unite sanitary ware perfectly, advance product level and add-value.

 Antiflaming function

Prevent burnt effectively, protect you and your family

Not easy to scratch

Surface hardness higher, prevent scratch effectively during use it, and keep shine in long-time.

Not easy to change the color

Absorb ultraviolet light effectively; avoid change color and aging use long time.

Anti-bacteria function

Resistance more than 99.9% to ordinary bacteria by test.

Environment decompose

In the long time after bury thermoplastic material, the material can decompose, prevent secondary pollution effectively, And can meet the requirements of environmental protection in increasing.

Firing test

Fire 240 hours under seventy centigrade, no hurt to the cover surface

swing test

Life meet above thirty thousand times

Poach test

Dip in boiled water test, no crazing

Open-close freely life test

WDI cover open-close freely one hundred thousands time, the soft close function also work

Bear weight test

life meet above one hundred thousand times under repeated press with 125 Kg compressive stress

Open-close forcibly life test

The life of open-close forcibly meet above ten thousands times base on insure the life of open-close freely.


new nation standard 2005




Water cubage





diameter of pipeline




can pass solid orb with diameter 52mm

100 orb with diameter 19 mm,





clean function

single segment13mm general length50mm

single segment13mm general length50mm

no leave

no leave

replace sewage





pipeline with diameter 18m transmission





water absorption





water blockage





2500 solid granules with diameter 2.64mm each and total weight 0.065Kg





20 sponge strips with 19*19*59MM


>16 piece


>19 piece

paper orb with diameter 20mm of toilet paper



>20 piece

>23 piece

20mm of toilet paper




all flush out

area of water blockage





Exemplar of excellent quality

The distinction is toilets inlet at front or back.

The distinction is toilet with S or without S

Comfortable and healthy

1hang-wall urinal:

drain style: S-trap or P-trap;

2standing floor urinal:

only S-trap.

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