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Project Name:Hotel Kunlun


Introduction: Hotel located in the Liangma River, located in central area of Beijing CBD,adjacent to the embassy district.Hotel Kunlun up in 1989, opened in 1996 by the National Tourism Administration as "the 50 best-star hotel", the same year, was also awarded the U.S. Service and Technology Association highest honor - the 36th Five Star Diamond Award.

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Project Name:Poly The Water's Fragrant Dike


Introduction:At Songbei district North Third Ring Road interchange and Xining Road. A total construction area of 140,000 square meters, mainly to large-scale high-density communities villa.

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Project Name:Hua'an Conifer Shenzhen


Introduction:five-star business hotel located in Luohu business district

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Project Name:South Rising Star Mercedes-Benz 4S Shop


Introduction:Mercedes-Benz's latest and highest standard 4S shop, located inYueliangwan Road, Nanshan District, Xinhao Auto City

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