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dooa introduction

    dooa inherit technology distillation of Germany manufacture, make special workmanlike original design, consummate one-up manufacture technology, fashion style and refined quality as the dooas the best dazzling label, and is the high-class brand on the fashion sanitary field as yet.

    dooa always believe the value is base on the quality, design keep the value of products, the value and life of products are build on the quality for all time, and that good design is a guarantee for boost value to switch and advance. Relying on production design advantage and resource-sharing of former manufacture base, dooa build a outstanding team on empolder products, two hundreds patents insure dooas products sell to everywhere on the earth.

    With years of experience good sale in the Europe market, dooa form its own unique pattern no matter what on operate brand and spread or extend the channel. Market network cover many of nations and areas. Dooa want into china market at 2006, now more than two hundreds franchisers in china, and actively boost dooa to become the high-class brand on the sanitary in the world.

    The dream and value promises of dooa is to carry out the sanitary culture shared by human, fully show dooas respect to customers and great plan to the brand. In the future, dooa will carry your home dream, continuous to innovate and to strive.


Win on specific and quality

    Due to the mission of excellent product is give you the best perfect use experience and feeling, so dooa treat every product with almost rigorous attitude, beginning with material, reject all of radioactive materials, its not delay to get the product which have a little blemish back, professional technician polish every corner by hand for the hand-feel more smooth to product, consummate products from repeat improve.

    We have circumspect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service; take no charge for you to measure in pre-sale, and to choose the products which are fit for you. During sale, professional seller explain patiently and professional introduce according to each customers state and demand, you can also test the product, schedule on install the product for you after-sale, professional team and spirit, one year guarantee.

    The international quality service, consider more for you, worry-free.




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